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Comparison of genealogy software

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Lets start off with '''PAF 5.2''' ( and '''Ancestral Quest 11''' ( '''AQ''' has been updated within the last 6 months to '''AQ''' 12 but there seems to be little difference in appearance. If the two programs seem to be very similar that is because (as I understand it) the LDS Church bought the source and developmental rights to '''AQ 3''' a long time ago. '''PAF 5.2''' has been around for many years. These programs have only Windoze versions although they run reasonably well on Wine.
These are the Family View:
These are the Family View:
*Note the upper-right-hand corner of some individual display blocks - that indicates that there is further information available, either sources, notes ...
*Note the filled and unfilled arrows associated with the name blocks - open indicates a dead end while filled arrows point to further family information regarding that person. Obviously, pressing the arrow moves the display to another family view.

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