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Recover corrupted family tree

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The environment is lost
====The environment is lost====
If you don't have the original environment for that file, you may try dumping and loading your data using Berkeley DB tools. Depending on your system, they may be called <code>db_dump</code> and <code>db_load</code>, <code>db41_dump</code> and <code>db41_load</code>, <code>db4.4_dump</code> and <code>db4.4_load</code>, ... In Ubuntu you find them in the package <code>db4.8-util</code>. You might need more recent versions depending on the version your distribution uses in its python package. So for eg Ubuntu Hardy created files, you will need <code>db4.8-util</code>. Whatever they are called, there should be a dump tool and a load tool, and they should be version 4 or later. For Fedora 17 this is 'db4-utils-4.8.30-10.fc17'. For Fedora 18 this is 'libdb4-utils-4.8.30-5.fc18' (note the new package name).
Basically, you just dump the grdb into a text file, then create a new grdb from that text file:

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