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webapp package
* How to include Makefile into deb package?
* Depends on python-django 1.3, python-sqlite Control:  Package: python-gramps-webapp Architecture: all Depends: python-django, python-sqlite, ${misc:Depends}, ${python:Depends} Rules:  #!/usr/bin/make -f  # Uncomment this to turn on verbose mode. export DH_VERBOSE=1 export DH_OPTIONS=-v  %: dh [email protected] --with python2  # Override auto test because upstream do not use the standard unittest discover override_dh_auto_test:  # Override of auto_build override_dh_auto_build: python --server build  # Override of auto_install to remove information from package override_dh_auto_install: #dh_auto_install # Remove duplicate copyright information #rm $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/doc/gramps/COPYING # Remove install file as it is not needed by package users rm $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/doc/gramps/INSTALL # Remove duplicate license information rm $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/doc/gramps/LICENSE python --server install --root=debian/python-gramps --install-layout=deb  # Make css style sheets and png icons non-executable override_dh_fixperms: dh_fixperms chmod a-x $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/gramps/css/Web_*.css chmod a-x $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/gramps/images/22x22/gramps*.png chmod a-x $(CURDIR)/debian/python-gramps/usr/share/gramps/images/16x16/gramps*.png  # Avoid compressing COPYING file so that it can appear in the "About" dialog override_dh_compress: dh_compress -X COPYING
==qml package==

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