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Using the bug tracker

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Resolving bugs: add info on the .99 releases
This information is for the developers following up on the submitted issues.
The [ roadmap page] of the bug tracker lists the bugs currently prioritized for the next releases. If you are looking for a bug to fix, this is a good place to start. Placement on the roadmap is controlled by the "Target Version" field fo the bug. Special "X.Y.99" phony releases, such as "3.4.99" and "4.0.99", list bugs that we would eventually like to fix for the "X.Y" version, but don't really know the milestone yet. Bugs that really should hold up a releaseshould be on the roadmap with a real release number, and should only be moved after giving a reason or heads up on the devel list [].
In general, when resolving an issue, it is always a good idea to add a note with the hash of the commit that fixed the problem.

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