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GEPS 010: Relational Backend

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'''This proposal has been withdrawn.''' It has been superseded by This original GEP was a design to use a relational database backend for Gramps. However, after experiments, it was shown to be too slow. However, it was shown that we could use other backends, but in an non-relational manner. Also, there are many NOSQL solutions that would also work. Thus, a new proposal, [[GEPS 013032: Gramps WebappDatabase Backend API]] which can create a SQL interface. However, there is a SQL import and export Addonwas created.
This proposal is also related to [[GEPS 013: Gramps Webapp]] which can create a SQL interface.  There is also a SQL import and export Addon. <hr> This page is for the discussion of a proposed implementation of a relational (SQL ) backend for GRAMPS.
SQL stands for "Structured Query Language" and is pronounced "sequel" (it is a joke: as it came after QUEL, it is its sequel).
= Reasons for adding a sql relational backend =
Currently, GRAMPS uses a BSD database as its internal file format. While this is considerably better than, say, an XML format, the choice of the BSD-DB has a considerable number of drawbacks. This proposal explores the use of SQL as an alternative backend. This should allow easy, single db file implementations (eg, SQLite) to more complex and sophisticated client/server (eg, MySQL).

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