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GEPS 013: Gramps Webapp

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=== Models/Views ===
Here is the model that defines the Person table from [{{Code Base}}gramps/webapp/grampsdb/ gramps/webapp/grampsdb/]:
=== Templates ===
Templates are used to describe ''what'' to display. Here is a template from [{{Code Base}}data/templates/main_page.html data/templates/main_page.html]:
There are two subdirectories and two files of interest to the Gramps webapp:
#{{Code Base}}data/templates/ - HTML templates#{{Code Base}}gramps/trunk/src/webapp/ - Webapp main directory## http://{{Code Base}} - library interface##{{Code Base}}gramps/trunk/src/webapp/grampsdb - gramps table models
# - Exporter
# - Importer

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