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Gegevens exporteren
'''Wait to update manual:''' The exporter is undergoing a major rewrite.
[[Image:Export-druidGedcom_exporteren.png|right|thumb|150px200px|Fig.3.xx Export assistant: format selectionassistent]]
Exporting allows you to share any portion of your GRAMPS database with other researchers as well as to enable you to transfer your data to another computer. Currently, GRAMPS can export data to the following formats: GRAMPS database (grdb), GRAMPS XML, GEDCOM, GRAMPS package, Web Family Tree, GeneWeb, and GRAMPS CSV Spreadsheet formats.
=== Exporteren naar het GEDCOM formaat ===
[[image:Gedcom_exporteren.png|thumb|right|250px|Fig 3.x. Exporteren naar GEDCOM-formaat]]
GRAMPS laat u toe om een gegevensbestand te exporteren naar het gekende GEDCOM-formaat. Er zijn verscheidene opties om uw export te verfijnen.

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