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Using the bug tracker

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Projects: [Brief_introduction_to_SVN#Types_of_branches|Types of Branches
#The '''Feature Requests''' project is a place for recording requests for new features.
#The projects with names that look like '''Gramps x.x.X''' are where issues are reported that apply specifically to a maintenance branch (see [[Brief_introduction_to_SVN#Types_of_branches |Types of Branches]]). A separate project exists for each maintenance branch.#The '''Gramps Trunk''' project should only be used by developers and testers of the latest code. It is a place for recording issues that only apply to the trunk in Subversion (see [[Brief_introduction_to_SVN#Types_of_branches |Types of Branches]]). There is only one "Gramps Trunk" project because there is only one trunk in the Subversion repository
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