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GEPS 013: Gramps Webapp

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Here is a small list of goals:
# Create a fullscale GRAMPS Gramps web framework
# Allow multiple users via the standard web browser
## Users will log in and have various levels of permissions
# Build on GRAMPS Gramps codebase and wealth of resources
## Reports
## Tools
=== Getting Started with Gramps in Django ===
A prototype of a GRAMPS Gramps Django webapp is now in trunk and gramps32. To run it, do the following:
# Download Django. You'll need version 1.3 or greater
=== Concurrent Edits ===
Concurrent access for write and read imply several problems when people by accident change the same objects at the same time. GRAMPS Gramps itself has an elaborate signal handling for cases when dialogs are open with no longer current information. In a web environment, this becomes more difficult however. This is not built into Django.
For discussion on this issue in Django, see:

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