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What to do for a release

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When the candidate is ready to be released
==When the candidate is ready to be released==
* note the names of [[previous releases]]
* upload the tarball by anonymous ftp to
* access the Sourceforge "admin" tab at
* go to "File Releases"
* add a new release in the "Stable" package
* note fill in name: a number such as 2.2.8 is the name for sourceforge site* enter release notes -- usually this is the names new section of [[previous releases]]the NEWS file* upload add uploaded file(s) to the tarball release by anonymous ftp to ftp:checking the appropriate check button and then clicking the "Add Files and/or Refresh View" button* set architecture and the file type, click "Update/upload.Refresh"* send notifications to the of gramps ==Following the tarball release==
* announce on [email protected], as well as devel and user list
:* update news section on this wiki:* change reference from old to new version on the [[Installation]] page
==Update the version number==

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