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Programming guidelines

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Coding style
<code>pylint</code> does not check that arguments are used when methods are named in this way. This is useful to avoid the <code>pylint</code> warning: 'W0613: Unused argument <arg>'.
=== Imports ===
The top module is called gramps, and it has following submodules:
# gen
# cli
# gui
# plugins
The other dirs should not contain code, or are for testing.
Within a submodule, only relative imports are allowed of the own submodule (so starting with . or with a module of the own directory), and absolute imports of other submodules (so starting with <code>gramps.</code>)
'''Important''': files in the gen submodule are '''not''' allowed to import files from the other submodules. So <code>gen</code> should be self-contained.
'''Important 2''': current code does not satisfy this rule yet, should be done by end of 2012
== Class headers ==

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