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Programming guidelines

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* Docstrings. Python provides a docstrings to document classes and functions. If the class is a class used by others (such as the RelLib classes), the docstrings should follow the [ epydoc] format. This allows us to extract [ API] documentation. Classes that are not core reusable classes do not have to follow this format, but should be documented using docstrings.
class MyClass: """ MyClass is a sample class. """
def my_function(self): """ The my_function task serves no purpose whatsoever. """ pass
* Private class functions (functions that cannot be called outside the class) should be preceded with two underscores. Protected functions (functions that can only be called by the class or derived classes) should be preceded with one underscore.
def __private_function(self): pass
def _protected_function(self): pass
* Run <code>pylint</code> on your code before checking in, and use the output to reasonably clean up the code. Note that you must run <code>pylint</code> in the <code>src</code> directory.

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