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select them, zoom into these places. You'll be able to use them again without connection.
'''''BE CAREFUL ''''' : it can takes gigabytes. If you use several maps, you need to have this same gigabytes size multiply by the number of map used.
=== The different views ===
==== All known places for one person ====
This view is not connected to filters. It only depend on the active person and the history.
In the menu popup, you can select 'animate ' to see the life way of the current person.: # animate : if If the active person has several related events, you can see a virtual move between those markers. The move is related to years or distance and can be modified in the person map preferences. If the distance between to markers is greater than a value in tenth of degree, we show moves depending on distance instead of years. In these case, the number of steps between these two markers can be modified. You can modify the animation speed between steps. The moves start at the first event year until the last event year.
In the configuration menu, you can set the following :
#How many steps betwwen two markers for long moves.
#The minimum latitude/longitude to select large move. This value is in tenth of degree.
==== All known places for one family ====
This view show all places visited by all family's members during their life.
From this menu, you have the following functions available for views :
#hide or show the crosshair
#lock the zoom: force to no center and no autozoom. Useful when we want to see a selected area of the map.
#change the default map
#add a place and link a place at the mouse position

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