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Attributs dans Gramps

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“The thinking behind dividing things into [[Events in GRAMPSGramps|events]] and '''attributes''' was the following:
:The attributes are for something permanent, or at least somewhat permanent: eye color, blood type, etc. Usually you would have not more than one of each attribute type for a person/family/etc.
Does it make sense? I know this does not correspond 100% with
gedcom, but we try to do what makes sense rather than just
implementing a poorly written standard.” [http://wwwsourceforge.webcitationnet/mailarchive/] -- Gramps-user mailing list
In case the attribute needed is not present in the predefined selection list, it can be defined by typing its name in the attribute name field. There is no clear boundary between attributes and events. Some will prefer having "Occupation" as an attribute, with no timespan; others, or in other situations, might find using an event more convenient.
== To Gramps attributes in general ==
* , archived by WebCite at http:net/mailarchive/* , archived by WebCite at http:net/mailarchive/
[[Category:Fr:GRAMPS Gramps terminology]]

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