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Indien je je in de modus met tabbladen, kun je door te klikken op de overeenkomende tab, het gepaste scherm kiezen.
==== Personenescherm Personenscherm ====
[[Image:Column-editor.png|right|thumb|150px|Fig. 2.3. Dialoog aanpassen kolommen ]]
The People View lists the people stored in the database. You'll note that people are grouped according to their family names. To the left of each family name is typically either an arrow or some other type of indicator. Clicking it once will reveal the entire list of people sharing that name. Clicking the indicator again will "roll up" the list and show only the family name.
Genealogical databases can contain information on many people, families, places, and objects. It's therefore possible for a View to contain a long list of data that's difficult to work with. GRAMPS gives you two different means for controlling this condition by allowing you to filter a list to a more manageable size. These methods are Search and Filtering. A search will search the text displayed in list, whereas filters display people whose data match the criteria of the filter.
Search Zoeken is a simple but fast method of searching the columns displayed on the screeneen eenvoudige maar snelle methode om de getoonde kolommen te onderzoeken. Typing the characters into the Search box and clicking the Find button will display only lines that match the textIndien je letters in het zoekveld ingeeft en op de zoekknop drukt, zullen enkel die lijnen getoond worden die overeenkomen met de ingegeven tekst.
AlternativelyJe kan ook de filterzijbalk inschakelen, you can enable the Filter sidebar, which will be displayed on the right hand side of the displaydie je dan aan de rechterkant van het scherm ziet. When the filter sidebar is displayedWanneer de filterzijbalk getoons wordt, the Search bar is not displayedhet zoekveld niet zichtbaar. The Filter side bar allows you to interactively build a set of filter rules that can be applied to the displayDe filterzijbalk laat je toe om een interactieve reeks van filters te maken. The Het filter is applied based on the rules and the datazal werken op de gegevens en de filterregels, not on the screen displayniet enkel op het getoonde scherm.
{{man tip| Searching vs. Filtering |Searching only searches for exact text matches. If the date displayed is "Jan 1, 2000", a search of "1/1/2000" will fail, but a filter of "1/1/2000" will match.}}

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