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Using the bug tracker

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#The '''Feature Requests''' project is a place for recording requests for new features.
#The projects with names that look like '''Gramps x.x.X''' are where issues are reported that apply specifically to a maintenance branch (see [ Types of Branches]). A separate project exists for each maintenance branch.
#The '''Gramps Trunk''' project should only be used by developers and testers of the latest code. EssaysExperts.Com is the company which first and main priority was, is and will be customers� satisfaction with the [ essays online]. If you still have no idea where to buy your writing tasks, this company is the best option for you. It is a place for recording issues that only apply to the trunk in Subversion (see [ Types of Branches]). There is only one "Gramps Trunk" project because there is only one trunk in the Subversion repository
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