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* I started practicing genealogy in [ October 2010].'''Dale Athanasias'''
I currently Been practicing genealogy since [ October 2010] and have 597 3918 related individuals (2011102820210221) that I have entered into my Gramps Family Tree.
Currently Learning Python using [ LPTHW]Helping with Bug Triaging.
*==Templates copied from wikipedia to improve the [ Wikipedia:Manual of Styleindex.php?title=Gramps_{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual User manual]==*[ Template:Typing-aid_templates Typing-aid_templatesIcon]*for Gramps Standard: '''[{{man version}}_Wiki_Manual_-_Main_Window#The_different_Categories Navigator:Accessibility_dos_and_don%27ts Accessibility_dos_and_donCategories]'''ts]eg: {{icon|gram}} Gramplets / People / Relationships / Family / Ancestry / Events / Places / Geography / Sources / Repositories / Media / Notes
*discussion page has possible homes for Gramps Mediawiki [http Template:List_subpages]** [[User:Daleathan/interface]]** [[User:Genealogy genealogy portal pagesDaleathan/interface/UndoHistoryWarning]]?
==Templates copied from wikipedia to improve the [ User manual]Wikipedia==See [ Typographical_conventions] for the Gramps User manual*[http TemplateMOS Wikipedia:Man_buttonManual of Style] eg: a random {{Man button|Word}} random word*[http Template:Man_labelTyping-aid_templates Typing-aid_templates] - random {{man label|Labels}} for buttons and other portions of the graphical interface* [http Template:Icon] for Gramps StandardWikipedia: Accessibility_dos_and_don%27ts Accessibility_dos_and_don'''[ Navigator:Categoriests]''' eg: {{icon|gram}} Gramplets / People / Relationships / Family / Ancestry / Events / Places / Geography / Sources / Repositories / Media / Notes
==Find a template for:==
*See [ Template:Divbox] and work with Gioto's [ Sandbox]
==Fix an existing templates:==
{{empty section}} (add a box around it)
[ Available_screenshots]
==Fix Addon/gramplets==
Fix Addon/gramplets/[ Third-party_Plugins]:
* General the code for a number of addon is on other websites (see if it can be added to the gramps website / trust issues etc)
*[ HeadlineNews] - cannot read < noinclude > or handle {{ version }}
*[] base on headline news?
*[ Plugin Manager Gramplet] (cannot parse a table)
*[ QueryGramplet] - does not work?
*[ InformationGraph] does it work with gramps3.3?
*[ AttachSourceTool] does it work? how do you use?
* Normal html webcalendar does not work: "Report could not be created: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\learn\\GrampsPortable\\App\\Gramps\\plugins\\webstuff\\images\\favicon2.ico' " investigate. ( you have to "Attempt to force closing the dialog" )
*Use the the '''title bar''' to make the program friendlier
**Currently displays the Active {{man label|''Family Tree name'' - Gramps}} and the name program name:Gramps
*** Have '''title bar''' optionally show:
**** Navigation information eg: see Progress Bar and Status Bar: These are located at the very bottom of the Gramps window.
**** Gramps main version information only eg: Display {{man label|''Family Tree name'' - Gramps 3.3.1}}

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