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Gramps 3.3 Wiki Manual - Entering and editing data: brief

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== To add or edit a person ==
There are multiple ways to add a person to the database. We will cover some of them as we proceed. The simplest way to enter a person to add them from the {{man label|People}} View. While you are in the {{man label|People}} View (see side-nofilt-fig) [[MediaImage:Noside-nofilt.png|thumb|side-nofilt-fig]]), click the {{man button|Add}} button on the toolbar. Enter any data you know about this person into the {{man label|Edit Person}} dialog (see edit-pers-fig [[MediaImage:Edit-person.png|thumb|edit-pers-fig]] for details).
To edit information about a person already present in the database, select the person from the {{man label|People}} View and click the {{man button|Edit}} button on the toolbar.

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