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Getting started with Gramps master

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Installing GRAMPS Trunk: update example
* '''Unix-like systems''': follow the rest of this page.
The easiest method of getting the beta/trunk version is to download it from using the link at the bottom of the page called '''[ Download GNU tarball]'''. This is easy to get and installdownload, but it is probably a few weeks old. If you want to get the freshest code, and you'll will have to do a little more work. See [[Running a development version of Gramps]].
If you are running Linux and a variation of Debian (Ubuntu), then you can download the .deb file and install it directly.
Otherwise, you should download the tar.gz file. Here is the basic installation instructions, assuming that the tar.gz file is in your current directory:
tar xfz gramps-23.904.0.0-betatrunk.tar.gz cd gramps-23.4.900.0-betatrunk
./configure --prefix=/usr/local

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