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Tips for large databases

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Avoid general filters
Filters search all the data looking for the people who satisfy your query. Try to avoid this on large files.
{{man tip|Search letters|Fast search can be done by enabling column search (disable {{man label|Sidebar}} on {{man label|View}} menu), but this will search all letters on words into the column.}} For name searches do the followinga surname search:
* click on a person in the [[People screenshot|people view]]. Now start typing the family name of the person you need. The view will automatically go to the family name as you complete your typing.
* for a more detailed search, click ''CTRL-F'' first. This will expand all the nodes and allows to search more specifically.
== Flat views are faster than Tree views ==
Using large databases and person treeview needs to often rebuild the view.
Flat person view (list) is faster.
== Please contribute ==

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