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Plugins Command Line

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This page lists available options on command line for reports and tools.
The detailed lists below are somewhat out of date.
Please feel free to update any of them.
However, in general the process for learning about a command line
option is easy.
First, learn the name of all the reports or tools:
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a report
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a tool
Second, learn all the options of the particular report or tool.
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a report -p name=a_report,show=all
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a tool -p name=a_tool,show=all
Third, learn what a particular option is.
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a report -p name=a_report,show=some_option
gramps -O "My Family Tree" -a tool -p name=a_tool,show=some_option
See [[Gramps_3.3_Wiki_Manual_-_Command_Line#report_action_option|Command Line]] for more information.

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