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GeoView is divided in two parts :
==GeoView is divided in two parts : ==
This module is now in two parts in 3.2. I'll try to explain how to install them and how to use them. You have two new views named [[Geography ]] and Web.
=== The html rendering engine ===
This module is called htmlrenderer. We use it when we use the Web view.
The Html rendering machine is used to show remote and local "urls" inside of GRAMPS. We need to be connected to the network. You probably also need a broadband connection to have a smooth result. Try eg Google maps in your browser to see if your internet connection is sufficiently fast.
GRAMPS can use two different kind of engines, webkit or gtkmozembed, to view HTML pages. If they are not installed, you'll never see [[Geography ]] and the Web appearing among your views. If you are looking on how to install these, see [[GeoView#How_to_get_the_HTML_kits_.3F| below]]
If both two kits are installed, webkit will be used.
===== Remove all rendering engines =====
Remove python-webkit and python-gtkmozembed. You'll never see geoview. See the specific packages for your distribution.
== ... ==
Your modifications are welcomed ...

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