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== Addresses ==
[[Image:EditAddress-adEditor-31-en33.png|thumb|250px|Fig. 5.26 Address editor]]
Addresses are edited through the following {{man label|Address Editor}} dialog:
The top of the window allows editing of the most general information about the address:
#{{man label|Date}}: Date at which the address is valid.
#{{man label|Street }}: The street of the address.#{{man label|Locality}}: The street locality name of the address.#{{man label|City or county}}: The village or city of the address.#{{man label|State or province/County}}: The state or province county of the address in case a mail address must contain this.
#{{man label|Country}}: Country of the address.
#{{man label|ZIP/Postal code}}: Postal code.#{{man label|Phone number}}: Phone number linked to the address.#{{man label|Mail}}: Mail address.
{{man tip|Note|Use Residence Event for genealogical address data.}}

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