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Name Editor
== Name Editor ==
[[Image:EditName-anEditor-33.png|thumb|250px|right|Fig. 5.24 Names Name Editor]]Names are edited through the following newly improved {{man label|Name Editor}} dialog:
The top of the window shows the dialog title including allows entry of the name type of the person whose name is being edited(e.g., Birth Name, Married Name, etc) from a dropdown list. The central part Next are elements of the window displays three notebook tabs containing different categories of available informationpersonal name most commonly grouped together as Given Name elements. You can bring any tab to Following the top for viewing or editing by clicking on Given Name section is the appropriate tab headingFamily Names section. The At the bottom part has {{man button|OK}} are elements allowing for customization of name sorting, dates for names, name sources and {{man button|Cancel}} buttons. Clicking the {{man button|OK}} button at any time will apply all the changes made in all tabs and close the dialog window. Clicking the {{man button|Cancel}} button at any time will close the window without applying any changesnotes for names.
{{man tip|Tip|The tab labels reflect the presence of corresponding information: if the tab contains any data, its label appears '''boldface'''; if the tab has no data then its label appears regular (not bold).}}
=== Top section Type===The top section Name Type dropdown list allows you to select the type of name being entered. === Given Names Section ===The Given Names Section contains all parts of a personal name you can store with GRAMPS. *{{man label|Given}}, The person's given names should all be entered here.*{{man label|Call Name}}, The person's proper legal name that was used most commonly by the person should be entered here. For example, someone named John Raymond Smith who uses the name Raymond should have ''Raymond'' entered here. If this person uses ''Ray'' commonly, this should be entered as a nickname since Ray is not the proper legal name (see following). In Germany and some other places, it was custom to underline the callname among the different given names (see also [ here]).*{{man label|Title}}, The person's personal title, such as Doctor (or Dr.) can be entered here.*{{man label|Suffix}}, The person's personal name suffix, such as Junior (Jr.) or III, should be entered here.*{{man label|Nick Name}}, The person's nickname should be entered here. Nicknames include shortenings of proper legal names such as Greg for Gregory (cf. Call Name above).  ===Family Names Section===The Family Names Section contains the person's family name elements. Gramps allows for multiple family names as well as multiple kinds of family names. *A {{man label|Prefix}} for the family name that is not used in sorting (such as "de" or "van").*{{man label|Surname}} for the main portion of one's family name.*{{man label|Connector}} often used in matronymic or patronymic naming schemes, such as ''dotter''.*{{man label|Origin}} indicating the type field of family name this is and its derivation.*{{man label|Family Nick Name}} for families commonly referred to using a privacy buttonmore vernacular nick name. In details:
*{{man label|Given name}}, the person's given name
*{{man label|Family name}}, the part of a person's name indicating the family to which the person belongs
*{{man label|Family prefix}}, an optional prefix for the family name that is not used in sorting, such as "de" or "van")
*{{man label|Suffix}}, an optional suffix to the name, such as Jr. or III
*{{man label|Patronymic}}, which is the component of a personal name based on the name of one's father, grandfather
*{{man label|Title}}, which is a title used to refer to the person such as Dr. or Rev.
*{{man label|Call name}} is the part of the given name that is the normally used name. For example, a person can have 3 given names as in ''Jean Baptiste Jules'', whereas in common usage only ''Baptiste'' is used. In Germany and some other places, it was custom to underline the callname among the different given names (see also [ here]). Some people use this field for nicknames or changes to the Given name (like Cristy for Cristina), but this is not the intended use. A call name is a proper legal name. For nicknames, or short name variants, you should create an alternative name, with a different type.
*{{man label|Type}} of the name (birth name, married name, nick name, short name, etc.). It is advised to use for the preferred name a name with legal tender as that is what most often is found on documents, and store other name types in the name tab of the person editor.
See also: [ Names wiki entry]
Check the {{man label|Private record}} icon in the top right corner to mark this name record as private. This will give you a chance to omit this name from being included in reports, if you choose so among the report generation options.
===General tab===

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