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*{{man label|Patronymic}}, which is the component of a personal name based on the name of one's father, grandfather
*{{man label|Title}}, which is a title used to refer to the person such as Dr. or Rev.
*{{man label|Call name}}, officially this is the part of the given name that is the normally used name. EgFor example, a person can have 3 given names as in ''Jean Baptiste Jules'', where whereas in reality common usage only ''Baptiste'' is used. In Germany and some other places, it was custom to underline the callname among the different given names, (see also [ here]). Some people will use this field also for nickname, nicknames or changes to the Given name (like Cristy for Cristina), but this is not the official intended use. A call name is a proper legal name. For nick namesnicknames, or short name variants, you should create an alternative name, with a different type.
*{{man label|Type}} of the name (birth name, married name, nick name, short name, etc.). It is advised to use for the preferred name a name with legal tender as that is what most often is found on documents, and store other name types in the name tab of the person editor.

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