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ImportError: DLL load failed

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What had happened in the above case, although the two DLL's were found in windows\system, the gtk-runtime could not work with them as they were from an older installation, and not the correct version for the current gtk installation.
In another installation, MSVCR90.DLL was only in a winsxs sub-directory and not in c:\windows\system32\. PyGTK seems to only be able to use MSVCR90.DLL if it is in the c:\windows\system32\ directory. Copying the latest version from a winsxs sub-directory to the c:\windows\system32\ directory fixed the DLL load failure. (Note: In the example the WINDOWS directory is on the C: drive; If, as the result of a dual-boot install, C: is not the active Windows partition, C: needs to be replaced with the drive designator of the active WIndows drive)
In another example (below) you can see that some DLL's were found in other installation directories, this may or may not affect the ability of python to import gtk, it depends if the dll's in the other directories are compatible with what the gtk-runtime needs or not. In one case I had a perfectly working system, but it was picking up DLL's from other installations, in this case upgrading another program can suddenly break the gtk installation.

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