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ImportError: DLL load failed

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check_gtk_install was an attempt to create a script to help diagnose problems with the gtk install, it has been of limited success, sometimes helping, sometimes confusing more. Possibly the biggest problem, is that the output of the script can be cryptic and can need someone with prior knowledge to decode it.
You will need to download [] the check script benefits from a couple of other third party components to be downloaded as well
* [ Win32Api] Provides some ability to handle dos short path names that might be encountered in the path environment variable. This is a python library, download and install as you would any python library.
* [ Dependency Walker] Most importantly this program analyses and executable/DLL it is excellent for identifying missing DLL's. This is a zip file, download and expand the contents into the same directory that you will put the script
You will need to download,
Run the script from the command line and check (or post online in the GRAMPS Windows forum) the output of the script.

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