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Other genealogy software

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In addition to Gramps, there are other [ Free Software] or [ Open Source] genealogy programs. Each project has slightly different goals. If Gramps does not meet your needs, you may wish to consider one of the following programs.
In addition to GRAMPS, there are other ==FinFamily==[http://wwwsourceforge.fsf.orgnet/projects/finfamily/ Free SoftwareFinFamily] or is an application under BSD License for managing your genealogical data. The java application is swing based with Webstart option. It uses PostgreSQL database for storage. FinFamily has extra features for Finnish genealogy but is not limited to Finland. ==Ftree==[ Open SourceFtree] is an X-windows program to store and display family tree genealogy programsinformation. Each project It has slightly different goals. If GRAMPS does not meet your needs, you may wish been designed to consider one of run under Linux (Intel platform only at present) and has been built with the following programsXforms GUI tools.
[ Genea] is for Windows OS users.
It uses Microsoft technology (Microsoft Visual Studio, .NET) and is under [ GPL].
Also, there is a third party library (under GPL too) for [ managing gedcom].
===Ancestris ([ fork])===
[ Ancestris] (previously GenJFr) is based on the previous one, translated into english, same licence.
[ GeneWeb] is a web based system. A brief description from the GeneWeb web site describes the system as below:
<blockquote>GeneWeb is a genealogy software program with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or in a Web environment. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing, developed in collaboration with Didier Rémy, research Director at INRIA.</blockquote>
Development under a [ new Github (software)].
[ HuMo-gen] is a free, open-source, GNU-GPL and multilingual server-side program that makes it very easy to publish your genealogical data on the internet as a dynamic and searchable family tree website. It is classified as a Gedcom to PHP program. This means it knows to take a Gedcom file (files that can be created and exported by all major genealogy programs) and convert it to PHP files, that display dynamic webpages on the internet.
Also there is a java interface under MIT licence hosted on sourceforge : [ JLifeLines].
==PhpGedViewwebtrees==[ PhpGedViewwebtrees] is open source software, and is a web based genealogy that uses PHP to display GEDCOM filesyou need to use it in a website with PHP and MySQL installed. The description from the PhpGedView webtrees website is as follows:<blockquote>PhpGedView is a revolutionary genealogy program which allows you to view and edit your genealogy on your website. PhpGedView has full editing capabilities, full privacy functions, can import from GEDCOM files, and supports multimedia like photos and document images. PhpGedView also simplifies the process of collaborating with others working on your family tree. Your latest genealogy information is always on your website and available for others to see.</blockquote>
===genmod ([ fork - 2005])===[ genmod] is open source software derived <blockquote>It works from [[Other genealogy software#PhpGedView|PhpGedView]]standard GEDCOM files, genealogical information and is accessed in a natural way: search therefore compatible with every major desktop application; and it aims to be efficient and effective by using the right combination of third-party tools, design techniques and open standards.</blockquote> select -> present.
===webtrees ([ fork - 2010])===
[ webtrees] is open source software derived from [[Other genealogy software#PhpGedView|PhpGedView]], you need to use it in a website with PHP and MySQL installed.
([ Forked in 2010] from [ PhpGedView])
== Non-Free Software ==
In addition to [ Free Software] and [ Open Source Software] programs, there are no cost, shareware and commercial genealogy applications. It is not the goal of the GRAMPS Gramps project to promote such products, since they do not preserve the user's freedom and can lock the user's data out of his/her control.
For more information on no cost, shareware and commercial, see [http Cyndi's List] or [ Geneanet's List].
== Tools ==
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