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Translating Gramps

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===Translating messages===
* Copy <code>gramps.pot</code> to the file named <code>lang.po</code>, according to the language you are translating into (<code>fr.po</code> for French, <code>ru.po</code> for Russian, etc.)
* Use [ net/ GTtranslator](GNOME), [ KBabel](KDE), Emacs po-mode, [ pootling] (GNU/Linux, windows), [ poedit] (GNU/Linux, OSX, windows), or any similar tool designed for translating <code>.po</code> files. If you do not like any of these tools, you can use any text editor to translate messages.
* Even though GRAMPS uses UNICODE (UTF-8) for its character set, you may use your native character set for your translation. Just make sure you specify the character set you are using in the <code>Content-Type</code> line in the <code>.po</code> file. GRAMPS will handle the conversion to UNICODE.

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