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This module is now in two parts in 3.2. I'll try to explain how to install them and how to use them. You have two new views named Geography and Web.
=== The html rendering engine ===
This module is called htmlrenderer.We use it when we use the Web view. 
How to do this easily and with the minimum of software to install ?
==== The html kits ====
Your distributions are welcomed ...
=== The Geographic part ===
This module is called geoview. It depends on the htmlrenderer module.
===== In GRAMPS 3.1.x =====
If you really are in 3.1.2 and greater, you only have the geoview module. The htmlrenderer is included in geoview.
for For installing the html renderer, you can see the documentation above. 
It is present as an experimental view you can activate. For GeoView to work you need to:
# change the GRAMPS configuration file to list the view in the list of views

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