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windows XP/Vista
install the python-gtkmozembed package.
=== windows XP/Vista ===
Perhaps the following link can help windows developers :==== webkit ====
* WebKitGTK is the port of the portable web rendering engine WebKit to the GTK+ platform on Windows. This zip file contains webkitgtk itself and all needed dynamic link libraryes (DLL). You will need [http://priscimonwww.7-zip.comorg 7zip] to extract its contents ''This file is highly experimental and all functions may not work as expected!''** [http:/blog/]  * PyWebKitGtk provide Python bindings to WebKitGTK** [ PyWebKitGTK-on1.1.7.win32-windows/py2.6.msi]
=== MAC/OS X ===

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