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Recording Canadian Census data

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Add a census event
===Add a census event===
To do this, we begin by opening up a person in gramps for editing. Next, we'll use the '+' button to add an event. An event dialog will pop up. We'll then choose the event type "Census" from the drop-down menu and add the date, which we found on the third line of the census form. In the case of Mr. Murray, the census took place over two days, so I should could enter "from 1 April 1901 to 2 April 1901" to be accurate. However, Schedule 2 records the actual date the pollster visited the house, which is April 2, so we'll use that. Next, we will want to record the place, which is East Toronto Village, but we can do better than that. Schedule 2 for this census tells me the actual street address, so that's what we should use. We'll then fill in the description line. A good description would be "Census of Patrick Murray Household". Writing our description this way means we can share this event for other members of the household, saving us redundant data entry. Next, we will click on the "Sources" tab to add our source.
===Add a census source===

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