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Recording Canadian Census data

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Add source reference
===Add source reference===
Next, we want to fill in the Reference information. We know the date, so we can again enter "from 1 April 1901 to 2 April 1901". The next line is more complicated and the heading "Volume/Page" doesn't really do justice to what is truly required. Keep in mind that the idea is to put sufficient information so that someone reading your source information (even you, years later!) can use it to find the source material for his- or herself. We will need to capture the information from the title lines, so we should enter "Ontario, Schedule 1, District 129, Sub-district a, Division 2, East Toronto Village, Page 2", but that is a little verbose. It is acceptable to use abbreviations for common terms, so "Ont., sched. 1, dist. 129, s.dist. a-2, East Toronto Village, p. 2" is sufficient. Before we leave this section, however, we need to record the entry for Patrick Murray. His name was Robert Bruce Spafford and you can see his entry on line 23. We'll record the whole entry for the family (number 17) giving us:
     Ont., sched. 1, dist. 129, s.dist. a-2, East Toronto Village, p. 2, hh. 17, fam. 17, lines 17-22

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