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Recording Canadian Census data

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Recording it all
<li>Add a census event
<li>Add the source record for the census event
<li>Add images to the source record (optional)
<li>Add the source reference information
<li>Add the repository for the source
Under the event sources, we again click the '+' button to add a new source. First, we'll fill in the section "Shared source information." The title will be "Fourth Census of Canada, 1901". Under author we should enter "Government of Canada" since this is a source record for the whole census, not just the street where Patrick Murray lived in 1901. We can let gramps assign the ID and move on to the Abbreviation, where "1901 Canadian Census" is entered. Finally, under Publication Information, we can enter "Library and Archives Canada".
===Add images to the source record (optional)===
If desired, you can save the actual images of the census records to your computer. If you haven't already, set up a "media" subdirectory under your main ".gramps" directory (or whatever you have named it on your system.) Under "media", create a subdirectory for the census called "FourthCensusOfCanada1901". Then you can save the images from the census in this directory. Once you have saved an image in this way, you can add it to the "Gallery" tab. Click the '+' button in the gallery tab which brings up the "Select Media" dialog. Navigate to the file you just saved. In the Title field, put "Ontario, Schedule 1, District 129, Sub-district a, Division 2, East Toronto Village, Page 2", since that fully qualifies this page in the census.

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