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3.2 Roadmap

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Policy changes
* Decision on the definition of the different parts of GRAMPS. What do we allow as plugins, views, gramplets, ... ? How do we offer the user a non-confusing image of what GRAMPS is? This starts in version 3.1 with not distributing some parts of GRAMPS that are present in the subversion repository. ''Developer to write this policy:'' bmcage. First scribles: [[GEPS 012: Ecosystem_definition]]
* Decision on a tool for adding API documentation to GRAMPS source code. The aim would be to work out the infrastructure to make this possible, and guidelines to the GRAMPS developers. Note that GRAMPS contains some support already, but as since the last version nobody seems to bother this means the present guidelines are or not known, or the syntax not liked, or ... See [ feature request]. ''Developer to write this policy:'' ?
* Developers must follow guidelines described in [[Howto: Contribute to GRAMPS]]
==Dependency upgrades==

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