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3.2 Roadmap

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Main goals
* '''Registering of plugins (GEPS 014)''': bug tracker: [], Plugins should not load on startup but when needed. This reduces start up time, but more importantly makes a CLI gramps more lean. ''Developers'': bmcage, doug, ''Satus'': Finished
* '''Clever database connect of GUI''': bug tracker: [] GUI must update or close itself when change to db happens outside it's control. A generic signal management object should be made that GUI can build upon. ''Developers'': bmcage - ''Status'': Finished
* '''Third-Party Plugin Reorganization(GEPS 005)''' - due to changes in the plugin subsystem, third-party add-ons need to be revised. This involves a New Plugin Manager for getting new plugins (new tab in plugin dialog?), a new SVN repository, and version numbering. See [[GEPS 005: Enhanced Plugin Interface]] ''Developers'': Doug B. ''Status'': under development.
==Minor goals==

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