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3.2 Roadmap

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For 3.2:
* change to PyGTK 2.12. Reason: Move away from libglade to GtkBuilder. Info: [], example: []. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
* change to keep python 2.65 compatibility, while preparing for python 3.x. Reason: preparing for a At the moment there are no features of the 2.6/7 versionGRAMPS needs that require python 2.5 support to be dropped. Version3.2 will however be the last GRAMPS version on python 2.x, with thenext version of GRAMPS (3.3) being python 3.x only. For that reason,the move to python 3.0needs to be prepared. For this we need the support that python 2.6 offers. That is, people should start to run GRAMPS with: python -3 which will print out depreciation warnings for all syntax that is not compatible with Python 3.0. The goal is then to clean up all Python 3.0 depreciation warnings using the new functionality that python 2.6 offers for this, while still providing fallback for python2. There 5 (usingeg __future__ module and try, except blocks).Should somebody come forward with an important improvement thatrequires python2.6, or if removing the warnings of python -3 is no need to have this finished before 3impossible with backward python2.5 compatibility present, keepingpython2.5 compatibility can be dropped after talking it through on thedevel list. In other words, support for python2.2 though5 should not bedropped without giving it a try first. ''Developers'': All* it appears there is a drive to use enchant for spell checking. The API is better than gtkspell and has a python interface. We should investigate if we should not move entirely to this package and deprecate gtkspell. At a minimum we will look into adding enchant as a possible spell checking backend to GRAMPS, using it when installed. Packagers could then choose to let GRAMPS depend on enchant or gtkspell (part of gnome-extras now).''Developers'': Benny, ''Status'': enchant is working
==Database backend changes==
* '''File Organization (GEPS 008)''': bug tracker:[]. Although this goal is disruptive it will be done in trunk due to its inherent nature. ''Developers'': Brian M. - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Import Export Merge (GEPS 009)''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Beter API documentation''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?- ''Status'': Sphinx with RestructuredText is chosen, see []* '''rework PageView classes''': bug tracker: TODO[]. Aim would be to split PageView and classes to it's own subdirectory, allow views to be plugins, have PersonView derive from the same classes as the other views instead of a custom class, have history in all listviews (as it was intended originally, code is half finished now), allow organized views in source/place like in present person view. ''Developers'': bmcage , nick hall - ''Reviewers'': ?, ''Status'': Integration
* '''Class and method naming''': bug tracker: TODO. Class and method names in Gramps do not follow object oriented conventions. Class names should be nouns and method names should be verbs. ''Developers'': gburto01 - ''Reviewers'': Brian M.
* '''Registering of plugins (GEPS 014)''': bug tracker: [], Plugins should not load on startup but when needed. This reduces start up time, but more importantly makes a CLI gramps more lean. ''Developers'': bmcage, doug, ''Satus'': Finished
* '''Clever database connect of GUI''': bug tracker: [] GUI must update or close itself when change to db happens outside it's control. A generic signal management object should be made that GUI can build upon. ''Developers'': bmcage - ''Status'': Finished
==Minor goals==
* '''Remove memory leaks present in glade loading code'''. bug tracker: [] - these changes might be backported to 3.1 depending on the code size. ''Developers'': gburto01
* '''GEDCOM import error/warnings report'''. bug tracker: todo - provide a report of GEDCOM errors and warnings after import to show the user what information has not been imported. ''Developers'': gburto01
* '''New HTML output of reports'''. bug tracker: todo - deprecate html templates and move to the new backend structure constructed for markup notes and pdf/cairo output, based on libhtml. At the same time this brings markup notes to html output. ''Developers'': bmcage ''Status'': finished
* '''Markup notes in narrated web and ODF'''. ''Developers'': Rob, Serge, ''Status'': finished

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