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La section Nom d'usage
===La section Nom d'usage===
The preferred or default name is the name that will be used in Le nom d'usage ou nom préféré est le nom qui sera utilisé dans GRAMPS for the comme 'namenom' of the personde l'individu. Vous pouvez définir comment il sera affiché depuis les [[Gramps_3. You can set in the 1_Wiki_Manual_-_Settings/fr#Affichage|Préférences de GRAMPS Preferences how a name is displayed]], and in most places you will see only the preferred name. Only detailed reports show also the alternate names. Note however that searching on a name will search in all names attached to a person, not only the preferred name.
The preferred name section contains the typical name information you will edit on creation of a person. Not all possible name information is shown here, only the most used fields. To see the full range of data you can store about a name, click the edit button after the {{man label|Preferred name}} label. This will show the [[Gramps_3.1_Wiki_Manual_-_Entering_and_Editing_Data:_Detailed_-_part_3#Name_Editor|Name Editor]].

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