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Howto: Make a genealogy website with Gramps

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Transfer your files: phrsing
*[[sitecopy]]: This is generally the best option. Only changed pages are uploaded to the server hosting your website. You can install sitecopy with every distribution via the package manager. Read the manual, it is self-explanatory: type in a console <code>man sitecopy</code> (or in konqueror type address <code>man:sitecopy</code>).
*rsync : This is for advanced linux users. It is a better solution than sitecopy, but you need full access to the webhost, which normal users normally not have. Rsync only uploads the changes to a file, whereas sitecopy uploads the entire file.
*ftp/ssh: You can also use a wide range of ftp clients to upload your site. The easiest for new users is in GNOME/KDE, go to Remote Places, and click to add a new remote place. Choose the settings for your provider (ftp/ssh, login, password), and now you can drag and drop files in Nautilius/Konqueror, like on your own PC. You can also use one of the many specific ftp applications, like gFTP (it should be in the repositories of your distribution). Basically you transfer all the files to the server and that's it. However : as you have probably seen, you created with "NarrativeWeb" an awefull lot of directories and files, so transferring the vast amount of files will take some time! If you update your site often, consider to learn learning sitecopy!
== Examples of websites==

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