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Existing reports from other genealogy programs

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[[Category:Developers/General]][[Category:Plugins]][[Category:Genealogy]]This page could be a directory Directory of existing reports from other genealogy programs useful for genealogical practicesto the practice of genealogy.
Currently, Gramps GRAMPS produces some [[Sample_reports|good reports]].  
Also, there is a compare tab on [[Features|Checklist]].
We can find some resources on this [ ftp]
* [ Retrospect-gds] and his database [ example]
* [ PhpGedView]
===Non-english examples===
* [ Geneamania demo] (french)
This chart is noteworthy because the application very cleverly lays out the chart so that it is very compact but still shows each generation on the same level. I have not seen such a compact and clear layout in any other application.
The chart is of the British royal family starting from King George V; the gedcon GEDCOM is available on the net as royal92.ged
[[Image:Desc of George V.gif]]

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