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GEPS 010: Relational Backend

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# We will have to develop SQL experts
It's good to see this discussion on gramps and is actually why I'm thinking of giving
it another try depending on how hard it is to implement this. Yes I know it will be hard
but probably much easier and productive than starting my own project. I'm a developer my
self and when it came time to evaluate gramps the lack of a relational db backend was one
of the main reasons I decided to keep looking.
Don't discount MySQL over SQLite. While I haven't tried it out yet there is an embeddable
version of MySQL which might overcome some of sqlites advantages. If a database abstraction
layer is used both could be
easily supported. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
Personally I think SQLite makes more sense for genealogical software. but mysqls
tools and the fact that it's a "real" enterprise level relational db are serious advantages.
-- AaronS
== Discussions of BSDDB in Python ==
For sql, one would use the prepare method, obtain all people in a list, then return True or False if person is in this list. As db is passed, db can have a support_sql attribute, and code can be written depending on this setting. This does not look very ideal though.
== See Also ==

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