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GEPS 010: Relational Backend

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starting to move out database comparison
easily supported. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.
*far better tools for management and reporting
*a true enterprise level database capable of handling serious loads
*far more is built into the db. ie auto incrementing fields, stored procedures and on and on.
(sqlite may not even have triggers but I can't remember)
*far more extensive user base and support.
*install size (bloat)
*an actual server to setup run and maintain.
** there are tools that can do this automatically though and make things almost none
existent for an end user. also the embeddable mysql might be an option.
*may be difficult to manage / share multiple databases. more difficult but very do able.
maybe not even that difficult. it would just take some planning.
*far easier to setup. just start writing to the file! no connection or user accounts.
*smaller install (code) size.
*easier for users to manage / and share sepperate db's
*single file
*good support.
*while great for what it is it's not an enterprise level database
*many "traditional" relational db things are lacking.
*while tools exist they aren't as fleshed out and solid as the mysql ones.
Personally I think SQLite makes more sense for genealogical software. but mysqls

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