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GEPS 010: Relational Backend

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Database Abstraction Layer: DB-API notes
Python has a an API to make it easy to move from one SQL-based DB to another called DB-API. Each DB may have multiple different modules available for it. If we settle on this solution then we should do some quick searches to make sure we pick the right modules. *MySQL: Yes [ MySQLDB] used by SQLAlchemy*SQLite: Yes [ sqlite3] (included in Python 2.5 or greater) [ pysqlite] both used by SQLAlchemy*BSDDB: No. The DB-API looks to be only for relational dbs. *ORM (Object Relational Mapper):no
=== <strike> Django </strike> ===
*MySQL: Yes
*SQLite: Yes
*BSDDB: No. could this be added since it uses a DB-API? I'm guessing it would be a lot of work but might be worth exploring.
[ supported dbs]
*ORM (Object Relational Mapper): yes but doesn't force it.
*mulitple database support?: maybe , need to confirm.
*Viability: Last release was January 24, 2009. They seem to have an established development team and user base. Project appears to be 3 years old,

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