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just tring to identify real people and adding the *
I think it 'm a professional developer since 2001 A quick and slightly edited copy of me resume. Languages:*C++ (schooling) *Cobol (schooling) *CSS (2 years) *Delphi (6 years) *HTML (5 years) *LUA (4 months) *PHP (3 years) *PL/SQL (7 months) *PowerBuilder (3 months)*Java (1 year) *JavaScript (3 months) *RPG (schooling) *SQL (7 years) *TransactSQL (3 years) *Visual Basic (schooling) *XML (1 year)  Tools:*Crystal Reports (2 years) *Microsoft SQL Server (3 years) *Oracle Applications (4 months) *Oracle Database (7 months) *QuickReport (3 years) *Toad (3 months) Of course my resume is time to start very light on the SQL backendpersonal coding projects I'm usually putzing around on. From a gramps side I have played with sqlite and built a few projects around MySQL. I don't know python yet but am working on it and have used object oriented languages in the past. Would you like to help? -- [[Category:User:Dsblank|DsblankAaronS]] 11:46, 24 March 2009 (UTC)

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