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Why GeoView ?
How to do this easily and with the minimum of software to install ?
GeoView is one solution. In GRAMPS 3.1.x it is present as an experimental view you can activate. For GeoView to work you need to:# change the GRAMPS configuration file to list the view in the list of views# install the required backend so you can see webpages inside of GRAMPS. The first is simple to achieve. Start a text editor and go to your gramps home directory, and open the keys.ini file. Scoll down to the interface section, and look for the ''data-views'' variable. On a clean install of GRAMPS, this variable is normally: data-views=GrampletView,PersonView,RelationshipView,FamilyListView,PedigreeView,EventView,SourceView,PlaceView,MediaView,RepositoryView,NoteViewTo add GeoView, just add it to the back, so your configuration reads: data-views=GrampletView,PersonView,RelationshipView,FamilyListView,PedigreeView,EventView,SourceView,PlaceView,MediaView,RepositoryView,NoteView,GeoView That it. To install the backend, scroll down to [[GeoView#How_to_get_the_HTML_kits_.3F|the installation section]].
== The html kits ==

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