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Gramps on the Eee

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GRAMPS 3.x: Improvement in 3.1
==GRAMPS on the ASUS Eee PC==
===GRAMPS 3.0.x===
The version of Xandros that comes installed on the Eee is quite old and would require upgrades to various underlying software to allow GRAMPS 3 to run. Changing the whole operating system might seem extreme but is actually not difficult and brings a whole host of other advantages.
Ubuntu packages of the latest version of GRAMPS are always available from the GRAMPS website. Ubuntu furthermore is the most popular linux distro at the moment, so it makes sense to just install Ubuntu on the Eee, and then install the GRAMPS 3.0.x package for Ubuntu.
If you go that road, backup all your data you created in Xandros linux, then proceed to overwrite the base Xandros linux with Ubuntu Eee as indicated here: [ Easy Peasy], an Ubuntu derivative for the Eee.
If all goes well you have after this a good working Eee, with security updates, and access to the largest repositories of linux software. Download the ubuntu package of GRAMPS from [ sourceforge] to a directory, open the directory in your file browser, right click on the icon of the package to open the context menu, and choose the ''install'' action to install GRAMPS (root password will be asked).
That's itImprovements have been made in GRAMPS 3.1 that will allow GRAMPS to work better with the small screen size of the Eee. Some of the larger windows have been re-designed to take up less screen space and other improvements allow windows to resize smaller. Also GRAMPS 3.1 can work in full screen mode too.
== User accounts ==

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