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3.2 Roadmap

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Dependency upgrades
python -3
: which will print out depreciation warnings for all syntax that is not compatible with Python 3.0. The goal is then to clean up all Python 3.0 depreciation warnings using the new functionality that python 2.6 offers for this. There is no need to have this finished before 3.2 though. ''Developers'': All
* it appears there is a drive to use enchant for spell checking. The API is better than gtkspell and has a python interface. We should investigate if we should not move entirely to this package and deprecate gtkspell. At a minimum enchant we will look into adding enchant as a possible spell checking backend to GRAMPS, using it when installed. Packagers could then choose to let GRAMPS depend on enchant or gtkspell (part of gnome-extras now).
==Database backend changes==

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