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3.2 Roadmap

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Main goals
This section lists main goals developers want to achieve with GRAMPS 3.2. Main goals should be started in subversion branches if the user wants to collaborate or use version management (consider svn-git if needed) (see commands eg [ here])
* '''File Organization (GEPS 008)''': bug tracker:[]. Although this goal is disruptive it will be done in trunk due to its inherent nature. ''Developers'': ? Brian M. - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Import Export Merge (GEPS 009)''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Beter API documentation''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''rework PageView classes''': bug tracker: TODO. Aim would be to split PageView and classes to it's own subdirectory, allow views to be plugins, have PersonView derive from the same classes as the other views instead of a custom class, have history in all listviews (as it was intended originally, code is half finished now), allow organized views in source/place like in present person view. ''Developers'': bmcage - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Class and method naming''': bug tracker: TODO. Class and method names in Gramps do not follow object oriented conventions. Class names should be nouns and method names should be verbs. ''Developers'': gburto01 - ''Reviewers'': ?Brian M.
==Minor goals==

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