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3.2 Roadmap

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Main goals
* '''Beter API documentation''': bug tracker:[]. ''Developers'': ? - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''rework PageView classes''': bug tracker: TODO. Aim would be to split PageView and classes to it's own subdirectory, allow views to be plugins, have PersonView derive from the same classes as the other views instead of a custom class, have history in all listviews (as it was intended originally, code is half finished now), allow organized views in source/place like in present person view. ''Developers'': bmcage - ''Reviewers'': ?
* '''Class and method naming''': bug tracker: TODO. Class and method names in Gramps do not follow object oriented conventions. Class names should be nouns and method names should be verbs. ''Developers'': gburto01 - ''Reviewers'': ?
==Minor goals==

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