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Gramps 3.0 Wiki Manual - FAQ

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:Use a recent version of GRAMPS! From 2.2.5 onwards there is an automatic backup utility.
:It is extremely important to keep backups of your data, and keep them in a safe place. GRAMPS has a specific portable file format which is small, and human readable, denoted by <code>.gramps</code>. If you have allowed this in the preferences (In <tt>Edit menu->Preferences->General</tt>), GRAMPS will keep a backup of your database on exit. You can copy this backup file from time to time to a save location (eg a usb stick).
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:[Note: The .gramps files are compressed. Clicking them will open GRAMPS. To see the XML select them and open them with a decompressing utility (like ark, gunzip), after which you can extract the XML file which is human readable, see [[Generate_XML#How_do_I_uncompress_the_file?|details]].
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:'''Do not keep backups in GEDCOM'''. Not all information GRAMPS stores can be written in the GEDCOM. Hence, an export/import operation GRAMPS --> GEDCOM --> GRAMPS, will mean you '''lose''' data. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups!
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:'''Do not keep backups in GRDB format'''. GRDB is a database, which might be computer dependent (read, not working on a different PC). Small damage to a GRDB file can also not be repaired. Use the <code>.gramps</code> file format for backups!
;Does Gramps support Unicode fonts? In particular, does it support non-Roman Unicode fonts?

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